Today in Movie History: September 7

There’s not a whole lot today — September has some serious dry spells — so we’re going back to the grindhouse. And what better way to do that than with Revenge of the Ninja, aka the Citizen Kane of 80s ninja movies? With go-to ninja lead Sho Kosugi above the titles and ninja-happy producers Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus controlling the purse strings, the only thing missing was a gratuitous cameo from a slumming Oscar winner. Revenge of the Ninja opened today in 1983.

If you need a double-bill for this bad boy, how about  The Warrior and The Sorceress, an insipid Yojimbo remake attempting to cash in on the swords-and-sorcery craze of the early 1980s? It was produced by Roger Corman, after all, and featured David Carradine as the wandering mercenary playing two rival warlords off against each other. Of course the real sell for its intended audience (12-year-old boys) was the gratuitous nudity, including a few brief shots of a four-breasted woman whose prosthetics likely gobbled the entirety of the film’s budget. It opened today in 1984. (Also, I’m pretty sure the trailer voice-over is performed by Peter “Optimus Prime” Cullen.)

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