Today in Movie History: October 4

It didn’t land Sandra Bullock another Oscar, but it came darn close, and while watching it on your TV can’t quite match the white-knuckle terror of an IMAX screening, Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity rarely disappoints when it comes to sheer movie-making prowess. And while it’s only been three years, it’s not too early to start weighing its potential status as a sci-fi film for the ages. It opened today in 2013

As an attempt to recreate the D-Day invasions, The Longest Day has since been eclipsed by Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. But with an all-star cast and advisors that included actual generals on both sides of the conflict, it still gives a comprehensive look at an event that literally and without hyperbole determined the future of the human race. It opened today in 1962.






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