Today in Movie History: October 31

For obvious reasons, few films of note have actually opened on Halloween. Competition from trick-or-treaters, parties and similar celebrations means that theaters are usually empty, with the occasional exception of some quickie horror movie hoping to cash in on the zeitgeist.

The two exceptions both fall into the realm of the very, very weird. The first, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, united Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in a pairing that… well, if you haven’t seen it, nothing can quite prepare you for the exercise in camptastic macabre that follows. It opened 45 years ago today in 1962.

If that isn’t strange enough for you, then Brian De Palma has your back with Phantom of the Paradise, a rock opera loosely based on The Phntom of the Opera about at talented musician transformed into a monster by an evil record executive. It’s, um, out there, and if you’re looking for something different this Halloween, you definitely owe it to yourself to check it out. It opened today in 1974.

I’ll close today just by thanking everyone for continuing to read, and I wish you all a Happy Halloween!


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