Today in Movie History: October 16

Clive Barker has certainly made his mark on the horror field, and while his cinematic endeavors have been hit-and-miss, Candyman ranks among his very best. It concerns an ambitious grad student (Virginia Madsen) who pursues urban legends about a hook-handed murderer into Chicago’s infamous Cabrini Green housing project.

Barker produced the film, based on one of his short stories, and director Bernard Rose skillfully uncovers threads of systematic racism to bolster the potent (and often quite gruesome) boogeyman material on the surface. But at the end of the day, the film belongs to Tony Todd as the tragic, murderous boogeyman himself, along with Madsen playing wide-eyed Desdemona to his bloody Othello. The film opened 25 years ago in 1992, and if you look your horror bloody, this one is well worth a look.


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