Today in Movie History: October 15

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have emerged as two of the premiere satirists of the 21st Century, with a legacy that goes well beyond South Park. One of their greatest creations was Team America: World Police, perhaps the final word on the George W. Bush administration as interpreted through a cast of Thunderbirds-Are-Go-style marionettes. It neatly skewers everything that wanders into its sights — from self-important celebrities to Kim Jong-Il — and whatever magic they put into it was built to last. It opened today in 2004, and it might have been released yesterday.

Billy Wilder’s Sabrina never quite reached the level of his elite masterpieces, and its problem-free tale of rich people in love makes it a trifle out-of-touch. But it makes for fine viewing nonetheless, with Audrey Hepburn at her most adorable as a chauffeur’s daughter and Humphrey Bogart in a rare comedic turn as the fuddy-duddy rich man who isn’t quite sure he’s falling in love with her.  Sabrina opened today in  1954.

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