Today in Movie History: November 13

It was a busy day for movie openings.  Claude Rains terrorized the English countryside in The Invisible Man (1933); Robert Mitchum faced down Kirk Douglas in the noir classic Out of the Past (1947); Steven Spielberg launched his career with Duel (1971); Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrated how to completely butcher a Stephen King novel in The Running Man; Martin Scorsese delivered a stunningly effective reboot of Mitchum’s Cape Fear (1991); Francis Ford Coppola updated Bram Stoker’s Dracula to flawed, hypnotic and undeniably powerful effect (1992); and Meet Joe Black (1998) got a huge boost in revenue thanks to the trailer for The Phantom Menace released in front of it (in those dark days of the early Internet, you still had to go to the movies to get your trailers). Whew! That’s a whole lotta Hollywood.

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