Today in Movie History: November 1

Paul Newman is cool. Really, really cool. How cool? Cool enough to have a movie with the word “cool” in the title… a movie that’s been the go-to choice for anyone looking for movies with “cool” in the title for almost 50 years. The film was Cool Hand Luke, of course, and Newman’s portrayal of a workhouse inmate determined to stick it to The Man no matter what the cost is justly celebrated as a high point in his legendary career. It opened today in 1967.

Those in need of a Romeo and Juliet fix usually turn to Franco Zeffirelli’s exquisite adaptation from the 1960s. 25 years ago, however, Baz Luhrmann thought the whole thing needed an update. His unapologetically modern take caused a sensation, and while it’s aged about as badly as you’d expect, it still deserves points for genuinely trying to place the play in a contemporary pop-culture context. Romeo + Juliet, as it is officially known, opened today in 1996.


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