Today in Movie History: May 8

“Bond. James Bond.”

From the dawn of civilization until the end of time, no human being will be one-tenth as cool as Sean Connery was at that moment. From three little words came the franchise to end all franchises: 55 years old and with no signs of slowing down. 007’s immortal debut, Dr. No, hit U.S. screens today in 1962.

A few years later, another notable franchise began its five-year mission, which lasted far longer than anyone thought, but looked to be on life support when J.J. Abrams undertook a reboot. We’re still assessing how far it will go with Chris Pine in the captain’s chair instead of William Shatner, but no one could argue that 2009’s revamped Star Trek was a smashing success. (And Anton Yelchin, we still miss you.)


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