Today in Movie History: May 3

It’s a quieter day than yesterday, but once again, it’s dominated by Marvel. Though Blade started the comic-book giant’s cinematic ascendance, and the first X-Men movie gave them their first taste of blockbuster-level success, it took Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man to really kick it into high gear. Buoyed by Raimi’s lifelong love of the character, a great cast, and one of the most iconic kisses in movie history, it show the world that Marvel could deliver the colossal international hits. It opened today in 2002.

The other Marvel release today is Iron Man 3, which hit theaters five years ago in 2013. As the first MCU release following the unprecedented success of The Avengers, it ratchets back the scale in favor of a more personal story, helping stabilize the MCU and assure everyone that this particular freight train had what it took to last.

Finally, for the more genteel crowd, there’s Truly Madly Deeply, Anthony Minghella’s supernatural romance that still sets hearts a-swoon. It opened today in 1990.


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