Today in Movie History: May 29

The Pixar canon is as storied as they come, and to rise to the top of it is a rare accomplishment indeed. Fans may debate which one deserves the title of “greatest,” and there are at least half a dozen viable contenders… but Pete Docter’s sublime Up holds a permanent space among them. It tells the tale of a lonely old man (voiced by Ed Asner), mourning his departed wife and waiting to die, only to escape the crushing forces around him by literally lifting his home into the air with a giant cloud of balloons. With a beautiful story, brilliant animation, a host of razor-sharp gags and the ability to make you cry almost at will — plus one of the most amazing opening five minutes in cinema history — few movies of any kind hold a candle to it. (Among its other accomplishments, it was the first Pixar movie to receive a Best Picture nomination, and only the second animated feature of any kind to do so.) Up opened today in 2009.


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