Today in Movie History: March 29

It sounds funny saying something like “the last word on guys wearing dresses,” but here we are. Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot, often cited as the greatest comedy ever made, opened today in 1959: securing stars Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis a spot in pop culture immortality, as well as giving Marilyn Monroe the best showcase she ever had.

Taking a step down on the quality scale, we come to The Great Gatsby… the Robert Redford version, not the Leonardo DiCaprio version. It adopts a much stodgier technique than Baz Luhrmann’s more frenetic approach (problematic in a different way), and loses some of the danger and allure that the later version had. That said, it still makes excellent us of its talented cast, including Bruce Dern and Mia Farrow, while Redford’s Gay Gatsby holds the same longing and loss that DiCaprio exemplified so well.  It opened today in 1974.



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