Today in Movie History: March 22

We have dry days when it comes to new movies, and this is most definitely one of them. When your options start with Friday the 13th, Part V, you start looking for silver linings. Hence, Blade II, Guillermo Del Toro’s kind-of-awesome follow up to the mostly awful Blade. Not only did it redeem the whole darn concept and give Wesley Snipes a genuine reason to struct his stuff, but Walking Dead fans can get a good look at Norman Reedus when he still had some baby fat on him. (Star Wars fans can see Rogue One hero Donnie Yen in action, too.) It opened today in 2002.

For those in a more indie kind of mood, there’s Flirting with Disaster, the breakout success for celebrated director (and noted holy terror) David O. Russell. A clever script and brilliant performances from a talented ensemble makes you almost forget the slow, steady drip of stories comparing the auteur unfavorably to Attila the Hun. It opened today in 1996.


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