Today in Movie History: March 10

For those of you afraid that the Earth will soon become a blasted hellscape and want to take steps to preserve all plant life for future generations, Douglas Trumbull made a really good guidebook for you. It was called Silent Running and it opened today in 1972.

There is something about sticking an outlaw on a train, and while 3:10 to Yuma kind of wrote the book on it, director Tom Gries did all right with Breakheart Pass, a decent little Charles Bronson flick that opened today in 1975. Jerry Goldsmith composed a great score, which helps a lot.

If Charles Bronson isn’t your thing, may we suggest The Little Princess? The Shirley Temple version? It’s got Cesar Romero! No? Your loss. It opened today in 1939.

Finally, we would be remiss without noting any lugubrious overblown Brian De Palma film which creeps onto the radar. In this case, it’s The Fury: a bit of sturm und drang featuring Kirk Douglas in pursuit of psychics the CIA is turning into weapons. Or something. It opened today in 1978. Wait for Scanners. It’s better.


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