Lady from Shanghai

Today in Movie History: June 9

Orson Welles’ filmmaking career wasn’t always a pretty one, mostly fueled by a desperate need to fund his own projects and leading to some very intriguing results. Few are most fascinating than The Lady from Shanghai, his 1948 noir thriller in which he co-starred along with his soon-to-be-ex-wife Rita Hayworth. Their deteriorating cat-and-mouse relationship — augmented by the obsessive jealousy of studio head Harry Cohn — could have made a good movie in and of itself. Instead, we got this one. Widely panned upon release, it’s now considered a masterpiece, aided by the famous hall of mirrors finale that wrote the book on how to handle such scenes. It opened today in 1948.

Beneath that squats the curious case of Cars, widely viewed as the runt of the Pixar litter and existing mainly at the behest of studio bigwig John Lasseter. Though not without its charms, it tries too hard to deliver on a very weird concept, and the mini-franchise that has sprung up around it hasn’t done it any favors. (We’ll let you know how part 3 does when we see it). It opened today in 2006.

Also Star Trek V came out today in 1989. We’re not including a clip because… well, have you seen it?

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