Today in Movie History: June 28

After interminable delays consisting of multiple phone calls to GoDaddy that ended with the phrase “yes, I paid it a month ago,” we’re back! It’s a reasonably quiet day, but we’ll move quickly to get back up to speed, and with a couple of personal favorites on the docket, we can slide back in without much of a fuss.

We’ll start with Heaven Can Wait, proof that Warren Beatty’s directing career was more than just hubris, and one of several movies that defy the normal face-clawing awfulness of body switching comedies.  It opened today in 1978

Then there’s Pale Rider, Clint Eastwood’s effort to revive the moribund Western genre years after Heaven’s Gate upposedly killed it for good. It didn’t quite accomplish that, even with yeoman aid from Lawrence Kasdan’s Silverado released the same summer. But it remains a terrific entry in Eastwood’s canon: a fine, gritty update of Shane with gorgeous cinematography from Bruce Surtees and great work from a very strong cast. It opened today in 1985.


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