Today in Movie History: June 2

It’s only been one year, and it’s tough to assess the ability of a given film to stand up in such a short amount of time. But considering the cultural weight attached to this one, the gravitas of the central character (denied a big screen appearance for far too long), and the near-perfect results, I’m betting this one sticks around for the long haul. Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman opened today in 2017: setting box office records, shattering a number of glass ceilings, and delivering the ideal actress unto the role of a lifetime. Long may she reign.

In addition, we’ve got Dead Poets Society, Gen-X’s answer to Goodbye Mr. Chips that used utterly conventional ways to talk about defying convention. Frankly, the film shouldn’t work, but guided by the sure direction of Peter Weir and anchored by an excellent performance from Robin Williams, it skirts around the cheese to find some grace and truth. (I defy you not to tear up at least a little bit at that ending.) It opened today in 1989.

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