Today in Movie History: July 25

We’ll start with the greatest golf movie ever made, the greatest movie featuring a gopher puppet ever made, and the 34th greatest stick-it-to-the-Man comedy ever made. We’re talking about Caddyshack and it opened today in 1980.

I used to marvel at how Stephen King could crank out 10,000 words a day without breaking a sweat. Turns out, he was loopy on cocaine the whole time, and if you’ve seen his directorial debut, Maximum Overdrive, you can see its effects at work. King adapted his own short story, about the hapless occupants at a truck stop where the rigs outside have come to life, and it’s exactly, precisely as goofy as it sounds (though it did produce a kick-ass AC/DC song). The director is clean and sober now, and even he looks back on it with a mixture of regret and gape-jawed disbelief. It opened today in 1986.


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