CA.SU.Mononoke.1219.HO––**EXCLUSIVE**Slide# 15Scene from "Princess Mononoke." NEED I.D.sPhoto/Art by:Handout Art

Today in Movie History: July 12

With the exception of Walt Disney, no filmmaker has so influenced the world of animation as much as Hayao Miyazaki, and while picking a high point from his work may be an exercise in futily, a number of folks point to Princess Mononoke as a strong contender. Combining powerful imagery with a tale of ecological doom, it remains as powerful today as it was when it was released in its native Japan on this day in 1997.

An oldie but goodie accompanies Mr. Miyazaki today: Winchester ’73, proof that Jimmy Stewart could make Westerns with the best of them, and one of director Anthony Mann’s best movies ever. It opened today in 1950.


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