Bad Day

Today in Movie History: January 7

And then came that moment when we found ourselves staring eyeball to eyeball with the Nicolas-Cage-needs-money turd Season of the Witch — released today in 2011 — and said “what the heck, we’ll start the column with it!” We’re not proud, but there it is. And let’s be honest: “Nick Cage goes bananas” movies are kind of a genre unto themselves at this point, and while we may hate ourselves for watching them, there is undeniable entertainment value in watching him lose his shit in such a breathtaking variety of ways.

Incidentally, today is also Cage’s birthday. We hope he celebrates by watching one of his many many many better films.

Better movies? Okay we got one…. and luckily, it’s a doozy. The John Sturges classic Bad Day at Black Rock, released today in 1955, featured a brilliant western/crime thriller story and terrific performances from the likes of Spencer Tracy, Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Anne Francis.


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