Today in Movie History: January 23

There are good movies, there are great movies, and then there are movies that have become an ingrained part of the culture. The greatest movie ever made? You could make the case very easily. The one and only Casablanca went wide today in 1943.

A few years later, Robert Montgomery attempted a strange — and ultimately unsuccessful — cinematic experiment that now sits as an interesting curiosity. The Lady in the Lake, a film noir detective story attempting to show the entire movie from the PI’s point of view, is ultimately far too frustrating a viewing experience to endure, but as an exercise in pushing the boundaries of what the medium can do, it’s invaluable. It opened today in 1947.

We’ll close with The Stepfather, an ordinary thriller in lots of ways, but bolstered by an amazing performance from the great Terry O’Quinn. He helped the film achieve cult classic status, and if you like your grindhouse fare slightly overheated, it’s a tasty treat. It opened today in 1987.


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