Today in Movie History: January 11

The big film released today came out in 1940, and remains one of the most influential comedies ever made. His Girl Friday, the Howard Hawks romp with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, set the tone for screwball romance, and showed filmmakers everywhere what you could do with a clever script and the right actors performing it. With Hawks’ touch for overlapping dialogue, it’s truly a thing to behold.

Down in the “January release” bin, we actually have a little gem: Warlock, a 1991 release featuring Julian Sands as a medieval Satanist who arrives in present-day America to bring about the end of the world, and Richard E. Grant as the witch-hunter trying to stop him. It has a surprisingly light tone andĀ gets a lot of mileage fromĀ those old wives’ tales about ways to ward off evil. Genre fans looking for something with a little pop could do a lot worse.



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