Today in Movie History: February 16

I confess a soft spot for Clive Barker’s Nightbreed, a strange and marvelous little horror film that puts Barker’s talents for the weird and unusual on full display. A tale of beautiful monsters and evil men, it features (among other things) a surprisingly good performance from fellow horror director David Cronenberg as (what else?) a crazed serial killer. It opened today in 1990.

It seems like we always pair a horror movie with a kids’ movie, and in honor of that trend, we present Muppet Treasure Island. Jim Henson’s creations have had their ups and downs, but this one proved a winner, with the gang having great fun with various pirate clichés and the great Tim Curry — one of the few actors who could share the screen with Henson’s beloved creations and not get blown off the stage — playing Long John Silver. Muppet Treasure Island opened today in 1996.


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