Today in Movie History: December 3

We’re back after a longer-than-anticipated Thanksgiving hiatus. Today marks the release of a several notable films, many of them Oscar winners. John Ford delivered what many consider to be the definitive Wyatt Earp movie (sorry Val Kilmer fans) with My Darling Clementine in 1946. With Creed making so many waves, it’s worth noting that the original Rocky opened across the country today in 1976. The final scene still makes me cry like a little girl. I cry for entirely different reasons when I think about Shakespeare in Love, a nominally very good film that’s still walking around with Private Ryan’s Oscar. (And Gwyneth Paltrow over Cate Blanchett?! Sit down Academy, we need to talk.) Finally, Darren Aronofsky added another staggering accomplishment to his resume — and handed Natalie Portman a richly deserved Oscar in the process — with 2010’s release of Black Swan.



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