Today in Movie History: December 28

It was a fairly quiet date as far as releases go, owing to our perennial post-Christmas malaise. Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbound hit theaters in 1945, a second-tier effort from the master, but still notable thanks mostly to Salvador Dali’s haunting dream sequences. (On the more gossip-y end of things, the production involved a secret tryst between stars Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman… who were both married to other people at the time.) Ten years previous, one of the more notable films of swashbuckling legend and noted anti-Semite Errol Flynn first hit theaters: Captain Blood.

Other notable films released today include Ridley Scott’s breathtaking combat picture¬†Black Hawk Down in 2001; Nigel Hawthorne scoring a well-deserved Oscar nomination for the title role in The Madness of King George in 1994 (he lost to Tom Hanks and don’t even get us started on that…); and Clint Eastwood returning to his signature role in Magnum Force in 1973.



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