Today in Movie History: December 10

There are good films, there are great films and then there are films that ennoble the medium by their very existence. Lawrence of Arabia is such a movie: a singular towering achievement that made full use of director David Lean’s incomparable sense of the epic. Peter O’Toole launched his career as the titular British soldier, whose campaign against the Turks in World War I is equal parts genius and madness, and the film’s seven Oscars only begin to touch on its impact.

While not quite in the same league,Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s Sleuth is a fine film in its own right: pairing Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine as a pair of rivals engaged in a unique game of cat-and-mouse. It was released today in 1972, and while it has the air of canned theater to it, watching these two actors square off with dialogue this sharp is a singular joy.

Finally, Wayne’s World 2 was released today in 1993. We know, guys, we know. You’re not worthy. But we like you, so we’ll let you soar with these eagles for a bit. You irresistibly goof bastards, you.




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