Today in Movie History: August 5

For countless millions of couples, From Here to Eternity represented the epitome of passion and romance. Many of them also found out the hard way that making out on the beach while the tide comes in is a lot less sexy than it looks. The movie opened today in 1953.

Exactly thirty years later, we were treated to an interesting, dark and surprisingly complex teen comedy about a young man who hires a prostitute while his parents are out of town. And oh, did we mention that said young man was played by a hungry young actor named Tom Cruise? The long road to Oprah’s couch and beyond started with Risky Business, opening today in 1983.

Frankly, To Catch a Thief doesn’t rank among the best Hitchcock movies, though as a lark it’s loads of fun. But it is notable as the last film Hitch made with his favorite leading lady, Grace Kelly, before she went off to be Princess of Monaco. It opened today in 1955.

Finally, we have Rise of the Planet of the Apes, a movie that looked for all the world like a disastrous attempt to reboot a long-dead franchise. But thanks to a crackerjack script and a truly amazing performance from Andy Serkis, it not only rejuvenated the Apes property, but it gave us the best entry in the franchise since the immortal original. It opened 5 years ago in 2011.



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