Today in Movie History: August 25

There are movies that merit discussion, exposition, analysis and explanation. Then there are movies that are so tightly woven into our cultural DNA that no further word is necessary. And while it found its audience on those famed CBS broadcasts year in and year out, this was the day its magic officially began. The one and only Wizard of Oz opened today in 1939.

That bad boy isn’t sharing the podium with anyone, though I will leave a little room for a personal favorite: Lord of Illusions Clive Barker’s intriguing story about a magician who practices real magic disguised as phony illusions. It’s indisputably a Barker joint, and with the help of a strong cast (including Scott Bakula, Kevin J. O’Connor, and Famke Janssen) it remains a groovy little fright fest for anyone in the mood. It opened today in 1995.


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