Today in Movie History: August 24

It’s a reasonably quiet day, so we’ll start with a reasonably quiet film: Brief Encounter, David Lean’s affecting romance about a married woman (Ceia Johnson) who meets a handsome stranger on the train and considers having an affair with him. It helped cement Lean’s reputation and opened the door to one of the most fruitful careers in the history of cinema. Brief Encounter opened in the U.S. today in 1946.

For something a little pulpier, there’s Fantastic Voyage, Richard Fleischer’s effects-laden popcorn flick about a band of scientists shrunk down in a miniature submarine and injected into the body of an injured supergenius because reasons. On the surface, it’s utterly ridiculous, but the special effects are terrific, and Fleischer’s direction lends it a great deal of fun. Plus it puts Raquel Welch in a skintight wetsuit… because reasons too. Fantastic Voyage opened today in 1966.

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