Today in Movie History: August 18

We won’t sing the praises of Snakes on a Plane, which is guilty of the kind of too-obvious in-jokiness that has more or less eaten Syfy original movies alive. But you might consider it the tipping point where big studios finally realized that the Internet was A Thing, and that they were going to have to pay attention to it if they wanted to market movies in the future. That didn’t help this film out, but it did make us take notice at least. (And God bless Samuel L. Jackson for embracing the spirit of the affair so enthusiastically.) Snakes on a Plane opened today in 2006.

We went with Snakes on a Plane for the pole position because the only other movie of note to open today was Mortal Kombat… and I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to open this column with a Paul W.S. Anderson film. That said, I bet that inane theme song is running through your head right now. Plus Christopher Lambert! CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT!!!

Mortal Kombat opened today in 1995.


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