Today in Movie History: April 25

We’re going to start with one of our favorite romances of all time: Amelie, Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s masterpiece of dreamlike whimsy that reminded us to embrace love with the same gusto with which we embrace life. It opened in its native France today in 2001.

For a grande romance a little closer to home, there’s Woody Allen’s Manhattan. Though drenched in the creepy overtones of the director’s actual love life, it remains weirdly endearing despite that. The real romance, of course, is between Allen and the city that he loves, and as an ode to the City that Never Sleeps, the movies have rarely seen better. It opened today in 1979.

Finally, we shall endeavor to never let a Vincent Price movie pass by unnoticed, especially one so beloved. House of Wax — the Paris-Hilton-free version — opened today in 1953. Not only did it establish Price’s reputation as the king of horror, but it made glorious use of both Technicolor and 3D, which was all the rage with genre filmmaking of the era.


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