Today in Movie History: April 2

We have a couple of entries form the same day in 1982 today. Paul Schrader’s Cat People took on the unenviable task of remaking the 1942 horror classic, and created a more sensual and overtly adult take on the same material. Nastassia Kinski stars as a young woman whose heritage may entail a certain feline quality, along with a creepy brother (Malcolm McDowell) who knows far more than he’s letting on. (Also, a killer Bowie song. Super killer.)

That same day, Barry Levinson made his directorial debut with Diner, the story of four young men struggling with adulthood in Levinson’s beloved home town of Baltimore.  The film itself is a bit of a shaggy dog, but stellar writing and a terrific cast make it compulsively watchable just the same.


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