Today in Movie History: April 1

For April Fool’s Day, the releases today haven’t been very funny… Euthanasia Day notwithstanding. Speaking of which, we begin with Death Race 2000, Paul Bartel’s beautifully loopy dystopian car chase movie that became a cult classic. If you’re only familiar with this story through the guilty-pleasure of a Jason Statham remake, you owe it to yourself to take a look. David Carradine stars with a pre-fame Sylvester Stallone along for the ride. It opened today in 1975.

On a more modern front, i take a look at Source Code, a time-travel paradox thriller helped by director Duncan Jones. The man’s earned the right to take a shot at Warcraft, and with something this good on his resume (along with his dazzling debut Moon), it’s hard not to believe he’s going to hit his next film out of the park. Source Code opened today in 2011.




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