Today in Movie History: May 3

It’s a quieter day than yesterday, but once again, it’s dominated by Marvel. Though Blade started the comic-book giant’s cinematic ascendance, and the first X-Men movie gave them their first taste of blockbuster-level success, it took Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man to really kick it into high gear. Buoyed by Raimi’s lifelong love of the character, a great cast, and one of the most …


Today in Movie History: February 19

Sometimes, it takes a royal jackass to stare the gibbering maw of evil in the eye and send it back to the howling pit from whence it came… even if said jackass is a barely employable stock boy with a chainsaw for a hand. Sam Raimi’s immortal Army of Darkness opened 25 years ago today in 1993.


Today in Movie History: June 30

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory may have taken more liberties with the beloved source novel than the Tim Burton effort a few years ago, but it found the spirit much more readily… mostly because it treats Willy Wonka as mysterious and more than a little scary instead of one of Burton’s patented misunderstood misfits. There’s a reason why this one …


Today in Movie History: February 10

Our big movie today is Das Boot, Wolfgang Petersen’s incredible WW II epic that not only has us rooting for the Germans, but delivers what is unquestionably the greatest submarine movie of all time.  It opened in the U.S. today in 1982, and if you haven’t seen it yet, get thee to the nearest convenient distribution platform posthaste! Sam Raimi …


Today in Movie History: April 15

When Alfred Hitchcock released Stage Fright in 1950, he was roundly criticized for presenting an unreliable narrator and delivering flashbacks to events that never happened. 45 years later, he looked positively prescient as Bryan Singer’s The Usual Suspects attempted the same trick and was hailed as a masterpiece. Hitchcock, of course, aged far better than his critics, and Stage Fright …