Today in Movie History: February 28

Throughout the ages, one question continues to haunt moviegoers everywhere… dogging their waking hours, haunting their sleep and likely staying with them to their graves:

“BLANE instead of Duckie?!”

Pretty in Pink opened today in 1985.

Elsewhere, those of us — and there are quite a few — who have grown tired of Johnny Depp’s shtick over the years can look back fondly to¬†Donnie Brasco, a terrific gangster film based on true events in which Mr. Depp was still flexing his creative muscles. Al Pacino delivers a fine performance as well as a low-end goomba befriended by Depp’s undercover fed. It’s a great twist away from Michael Corleone and the film does wonders just by letting the two of them take the stage and do their thing. It opened today in 1997.