Today in Movie History: July 3

The first few days of July are traditionally set for big blockbusters hoping to cash in on the long holiday weekend. Blockbusters rarely stand the test of time, of course, but there are always exceptions. The biggest for this day isĀ Back to the Future, Robert Zemeckis’s iconic time-travel movie that has since become a classic of 80s popcorn cinema. It’s …


Today in Movie History: July 14

I’m going to start with the X-Men, less because of what their debut onscreen adventure achieves in and of itself than what it heralded for the future of movies. Marvel Comics adaptationsĀ had been mired in direct-to-video mediocrity for decades, and while Wesley Snipes’ Blade was the first of their heroes to achieve mainstream movie success, he was more of an …


Movie Birthdays: November 19

We have a trio of talented actresses celebrating birthdays today: terrific character actress Allison Janney was born in 1959; perennial perky blonde Meg Ryan was born in 1961; and the great, multiple Oscar-winning Jodie Foster was born in 1962. Happy birthday ladies, and thanks for all the great films!