Today in Movie History: June 7

Goonies. We hear tell they never say die, and while rose-colored glasses may help its reputation far more than a sober look at it today, it’s hard to argue with a cult classic after 30+ years of unadulterated love. For Gen-Xers, it’s a touchstone of our era. For everyone else, it’s a ripe slice of 80s cinema at its 80s-est. Either way, any film that still sees the inside of a theater after three decades is a film worth noting. Never say die indeed.

The Goonies opened today in 1985.



Movie Birthdays: November 16

Birthdays today start with the late, great character actor Burgess Meredith, who will always be the Penguin to us and who was born way back in 1907. Speaking of character actors, one of our favorites — Missi Pyle — was born today in 1972. Noted Goonie Martha Plimpton was born in 1970, and the irrepressible Maggi Gyllenhaal was born in 1977. Best wishes, one and all!


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Martha Plimpton