Today in Movie History: September 18

You wanna get nuts? Today’s got the hook-up. We’ll start with Fatal Attraction, Adrian Lyne’s lightning rod of gender politics that saw Michael Douglas’s loving family man stalked and threatened by the woman he slept around with (Glenn Close). The film scored not only as a sharp (if slightly overheated) thriller, but for its surprisingly sympathetic approach towards a character …


Today in Movie History: April 3

Some movies tower so high that simply to mention them is to take the breath away. So it its with 2001: A Space Odyssey.¬†50 years on — with countless screenings, analyses, critical evaluations, and drug-induced hallucinations in the interim — we’re still pondering the imponderables of Stanley Kubrick’s monumental achievement. An unanswerable mystery and an all-encompassing revelation; a warning against¬†our …

Movie Birthdays: November 12

Some really good-looking people were born today, starting with everyone’s favorite chimpanzee Kim Hunter in 1922. The luminous Grace Kelly was born today in 1929, as was Ryan Gosling in 1980 and Oscar winner/periodic Internet chew toy Anne Hathaway in 1982. (And seriously guys, what exactly did poor Annie do to any of you?)