Today in Movie History: December 25

Surprisingly enough, Christmas Day has become a big day to go to the movies… and this year marks a notable anniversary for many of them. The date itself has served as a convenient launching pad for potential Oscar contenders, and there were some good ones among the pretenders: To Kill a Mockingbird was released 45 years ago today in 1962 and My Fair …


Today in Movie History: July 20

We’ll start today with one of the most unusual comic book adaptations ever: Terry Zwigoff’s Ghost World, the story of two alienated teenage girls and their almost surreal journey throught the wasteland of suburbia following their high school graduation. It’s a reminder that comic books can be about more than pretty people in tights (though YES, one of the girls …


Movies for the Resistance: Les Miserables (2012)

(Welcome to Movies for the Resistance, a weekly column intended to showcase films with particular pertinence for 2017. One of the fundamental purposes of art in general, and movies in particular, is to serve as a spiritual armory: bringing hope, timely lessons and shared experiences when times are dark. They can move us to positive political action, lend insight to …

Movie Birthdays: November 12

Some really good-looking people were born today, starting with everyone’s favorite chimpanzee Kim Hunter in 1922. The luminous Grace Kelly was born today in 1929, as was Ryan Gosling in 1980 and Oscar winner/periodic Internet chew toy Anne Hathaway in 1982. (And seriously guys, what exactly did poor Annie do to any of you?)