Super Bowl Counterprogamming: TCM

TCM gets a huge shout-out for counterprogramming against the Super Bowl this year. As part of their “31 Days of Oscar” campaign, they’re running a double feature of The Lion in Winter and Funny Girl: the duo involved in Oscar’s most famous tie.

(For those unaware, 1968’s Best Actress Oscar is famous for being one of the few legitimate ties in Oscar history. Barbra Streisand won for Funny Girl and Katharine Hepburn won for The Lion in Winter.) And the weird thing is, they’re both terrific performances. This isn’t a case of the Academy dropping the ball. Both roles are worth long-term attention and neither would have be quite so good had any other actress held the part.)

Check out 31 Days of Oscar campaign at: . The Lion in Winter starts at 5:00 PM Pacific.


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