Movie Birthdays: November 12

Some really good-looking people were born today, starting with everyone’s favorite chimpanzee Kim Hunter in 1922. The luminous Grace Kelly was born today in 1929, as was Ryan Gosling in 1980 and Oscar winner/periodic Internet chew toy Anne Hathaway in 1982. (And seriously guys, what exactly did poor Annie do to any of you?)    

Today in Movie History: November 12

The Legendary Clint Eastwood began a new phase of his career in 1971 with his directorial debut, Play Misty for Me. A syrupy thriller about an obsessive stalker hounding Eastwood’s laid-back DJ, it set the stage for later thrillers like Fatal Attraction… as well as launching Eastwood’s hugely successful directing career (34 films and counting, plus a couple of well-deserved …

Movie Birthdays: November 11

Birthday wishes go out to the late, great character actor Vincent Schiavelli, equally awesome character actor Stanley Tucci, and some cat named DiCaprio, who were guessing you’ve seen here and there.


Happy Birthday Emma Stone!

An adorably awkward teenage girl with awesome parents who takes gossip about her sex life too far. The bitter daughter of a washed-up movie star trying to survive his desperate attempt to reinvent himself. A snarky survivor of a decidedly skewed zombie apocalypse. Comic-dom’s ultimate doomed girlfriend. Give any other actress these parts and you’d have a throwaway support mechanism …


Movie Review: The Peanuts Movie

Review by Rob Vaux Starring the Voices of: Noah Schnapp, Bill Melendez, Hadley Belle Miller, Alexander Garfin, Mariel Sheets and Noah Johnston Directed by: Steve Martino Running time: 92 Minutes Year of release: 2015 Few phrases set critics’ teeth on edge like “bold reimagining.” With Hollywood busy devouring its own tail, not a single existing property is safe from some form of 21st …


Halloween Review: The Innkeepers

Review by Rob Vaux Starring: Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, Lena Dunham and Kelly McGillis Directed by: Ti West Running time: 101 Minutes Year of release: 2011 (Note: This review originally appeared on With the demise of that site, I’m reposting it here for general edification and amusement.) I had another look at director Ti West’s The House of the …


Bone Tomahawk Movie Review

Review by Rob Vaux Starring: Kurt Russell, Richard Jenkins, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, Lili Simmons and David Arquette Directed by: S. Craig Zahler Running time: 132 Minutes Year of release: 2015 Westerns have taken a turn for the grim of late, with today’s batch of prairie oaters pushing the bleak and unforgiving realities of frontier life in ways that bear little resemblance …


Halloween Review: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Review by Rob Vaux Starring: Alan Tudyk, Tyler Labine, Katrina Bowden, Jesse Moss and Philip Granger Directed by: Eli Craig Running time: 101 Minutes Year of release: 2010 (Note: This review originally appeared on With the demise of that site, I’m reposting it here for general edification and amusement.) How far can you take a single joke? At first glance not …