Today in Movie History: January 14

Damn Alan Rickman too? Our obit will follow semi-directly. And then someone said, “let’s make a movie version of The Green Hornet, and let Seth Rogen write and star!” And they did. And it opened today in 2011, and died a horrible death at the box office, and everyone forgot about it. Until now. You’re welcome. Elsewhere… Roger Corman didn’t …

Bad Day

Today in Movie History: January 7

And then came that moment when we found ourselves staring eyeball to eyeball with the Nicolas-Cage-needs-money turd Season of the Witch — released today in 2011 — and said “what the heck, we’ll start the column with it!” We’re not proud, but there it is. (Incidentally, today is also Cage’s birthday. We hope he celebrates by watching one of his …


The 10 Best Films of 2015

By any standard, 2015 produced a bumper crop of quality films. While Hollywood’s obsession with franchises continued unabated and observers decried the continued homogenization of movie culture, the filmmakers themselves found ways to upend the popular perception. Personal voices found a way to wiggle into summer blockbusters, while smaller films found their share of razzle dazzle to turn our heads. …


Movie Birthdays: November 19

We have a trio of talented actresses celebrating birthdays today: terrific character actress Allison Janney was born in 1959; perennial perky blonde Meg Ryan was born in 1961; and the great, multiple Oscar-winning Jodie Foster was born in 1962. Happy birthday ladies, and thanks for all the great films!    


Movie Birthdays: November 18

Birthday wishes to out to the late Imogene Coca, who rocked it in the boy’s club of Sid Caesar’s show, but will always be Aunt Edna to us. And speaking of comic actors we dig, it’s Owen Wilson’s birthday today too! Have a great one Owen, and thanks for the laughs Imogene!