Blog Post 9/20/15: Sunday Night Potpourri

Tonight’s line-up involved a bit of catch up: the premiere of Moonbeam City and the latest episode of Blunt Talk.

I think I love Moonbeam City, and not just for its crazy-ridiculous Patrick Nagel visual look or the Sledge Hammer-style takedown of 80s cop shows. On some level, we couldn’t make fun of those old shows because they always did such a good job of parodying themselves. This update just recognizes the absurdity and then moves forward as if nothing ever happened. Also, is this the moment where Rob Lowe’s shtick finally devours itself in an apocalyptic explosion of self-referential snark?

Blunt Talk. I keep waiting for the Lear moment, when Patrick Stewart’s news anchor on the edge finally implodes in the most spectacular way possible. The problem is, they kind of shot their wad with the arrest scene in the opening episode, and now it feels like they’re struggling to top it. I love the surprises these wonderfully broken characters keep unfurling, and watching Stewart perfect Nega-Picard in this 72-year-old man-child of a protagonist is a thing of singular beauty. But every week, I keep waiting for the Lear moment, and every week it leaves me feeling just the tiniest bit disappointed.

Luckily, perpetual crush object Elizabeth Shue shows up, and looks like she might be staying. When added to Ali’s perpetual crush object Stewart, it add up to 40 tons of awesome.

That’s all for this weekend. Next week’s lineup includes The Martian, and possible a review of the Elijah Wood horror-comedy Cooties.

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