Mary Poppins

Today in Movie History: August 26

The House of Mouse has enjoyed its share of triumphs over the years, but only a scant handful can compare to Mary Poppins, the live-action/animation mash-up that won Julie Andrews an Oscar, let penguin waiters upstage Dick Van Dyke, and sent dictionary editors scrambling to justify the formal addition of “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” to the language. It opened today in 1964; long may …


Today in Movie History: August 19

We’ve got two great comedies for you: one old and one new. We’ll start with the Marx Brothers, whose Horse Feathers still stands as one of their very best. It’s the usual cocktail of vaudeville gags, but story and plot were never the point, and for sheer comic lunacy, these boys have no peers. The university setting gives them plenty of …


Today in Movie History: August 12

Lots of films to cover today, but I’ll start with the most haunting: Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man, a documentrary about a troubled young man who spent every summer in the Alaskan wilderness as a self-proclaimed “protector” of wild grizzly bears… one of whom eventually killed him. It’s vintage Herzog and its dark musings about our self-importance in the face of an …

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Review

Over on the Sci-Fi Movie Page, our review of Suicide Squad has gone live. You can see it here: And, of course, we will be adding our voice to Rotten Tomatoes after dining on the latest round of man-baby tears for trashing the latest precious little angle that they haven’t actually seen.      


Today in Movie History: August 5

For countless millions of couples, From Here to Eternity represented the epitome of passion and romance. Many of them also found out the hard way that making out on the beach while the tide comes in is a lot less sexy than it looks. The movie opened today in 1953. Exactly thirty years later, we were treated to an interesting, dark and surprisingly complex teen …